– Tasting wine better –

Tasting wine better

Tasting is believing …

Noteable is a tool for sensoric analysis and rating of alcoholic beverages, based on a series of unique algorithms.

Furthermore, Noteable is a community for people that are passionate about gastronomy – both professionals and enthusiasts. Through Noteable’s network users are offered a range of opportunities to learn, register, document, save and share individual tastings and ratings.

Your digital tasting book

At Noteable we believe that tasting and being aware of all of our senses is key therefore we have digitalized all aspects of wine tasting. We follow the systematic tasting method by WSET, complemented by our unique algoritm covering balance, finish, intensity, complexity and terroir.

Using The Quick Tasting, the trained taster can make a very quick assessment of the essentials. The algorithm behind these parameters is shown on the 100 point scale. Or use the Profound Tasting that covers all aspect of tasting.

If you are already acquainted with the systematic tasting method by WSET or you are a professional Sommelier, you will have immediate value of our tasting tool as your digital tasting book.

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