Barranco Del San Ginés Summary

Here is the tasting summary from Bryan MacRoberts tasting of the Barranco del San Ginés

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Morten Wulff

Morten Wulff has more than 30 years of experience in the music business as a musician, composer and music producer with more than 1 million copies sold over the years.

In 2010 he gradually went into the business of wine and found out that it was possible to transform the sensoric impressions from music to wine. By studying wine at the Austrian Wine Academy, he became a professional wine taster. This gave him the idea to create a systematic digital tool to describe a wine. That was the birth of Noteable.


Appreciation has always been the keyword for me when it comes to wine tasting. This has partly to do with my musical background, where technical skills transform into a spontaneous emotional experience. In music, it is impossible to avoid, but in wine tasting, it is too easy to focus only on the physical process laying behind the actual emotional experience. On the other hand, it is important to master some basic technical knowledge to understand the language of the wine in the glass. For this part, Noteable is a very powerful tool, as it does all the work for you in a smooth and intuitive way.

That gives you space is to recognize what the French describe as the “tail of the peacock”. This is a perfect description. The peacock male is a truly beautiful bird when it is strutting around on the lane, but only when it spread out its tail, it will reveal an indescribably beauty of complex patterns and colours. This is what will happen with the most interesting wines on a sudden moment in their lifespan. They will expose a breathtaking and stunning beauty that you can feel, but very difficult to translate to everyday language. These wines have the ability to transform into a pure emotional form, just like a piece of music or a poem.

This little space here on the Noteable platform I will like to dedicate to these moments. When I stumble into a wine like that I will share it here with you.